Solar Reflective Paints for The Best Use and Effects of Skylights

As we all know that skylights are a wonderful addition to building a home or office, sometimes it just lets in too much light, glare and heat, which destroys the productivity and energy saving feature of it. However, today different devices and methods are available for reducing these negative effects, the most popular of which includes the blinds, covers, shades and window films.

Still all these items have got their further positive and negative sides, as window film cannot be used on polycarbonates such as plexiglass or acrylic, which the skylights are made of. Covers get exposed to weather conditions and don’t last too long, whereas the shades and blinds are expensive, get damaged and require cleaning.

So what’s the magical solution that can put everything in the right order? There is another solution, which is not only new but also involves latest technology. It is related to the solar reflective paints for allowing in the sunlight, by reducing heat, glare and light. These paints offer an easy to maintain, and effective way for homeowners to facilitate and manage the beneficial side of skylights.

Although people paint skylights for blocking light and heat, however the conventional paints have got their own downside. Many of the exterior paints are not suited to the glass or polycarbonate material. Also, they don’t reject the solar energy, which limits their functionality. The solar reflective paints are well designed for overcoming these negatives, and can last for nearly a decade to reflect the extra infrared rays of sunlight.

This means that with the help of these paints, you can efficiently reduce the heat and glare of the sun coming through the polycarbonate skylights, thus providing you with comfortable skylights along with their benefits. The paints are easily affordable and applicable, and are without a doubt, the smartest choice for the owners!

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